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McKenzie Tireland AutoPro is the best place to visit in Calgary if you need any kind of services related to truck or car wheels, balancing, wheel alignment or replacements. Tires and wheels should be checked regularly so that problems are identified in the early stages, saving you time and money. When it comes to car or truck wheels, preventive maintenance is always better. When you notice a slight change in the performance of your wheels or tires, bring your truck or car to us, so that we can inspect and correct the automotive issue. Rest assured that at our automotive shop you’re receiving high quality services in the wheel and tire department.

We have experienced technicians that caters to all your vehicles needs. Regardless of the kind of car that you have, we have the right tires and wheels for you. There are many options to choose from depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Being in this industry for over a decade, we’re proud to provide Calgary with an automotive shop containing all kinds of wheels and tires for you to pick and choose from. Whether you are looking to improve your ride or the appearance of your vehicle, we’ve got you covered.

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