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Installing a leveling kits is a great way to give your truck or SUV a new, but subtle look. Leveling kits are an underrated component, because not many people understand what these kits are all about. As the name indicates, leveling kits are needed to bring the much needed level to your truck, so that you can level out the front or back end. Vehicles that have had a leveling kit Installed are also able to fit a large tire diameter under the truck as well. Which is a great option if you’re looking for a different look and not wanting to do a complete suspension lift kit.



It’s common that leveling kits and suspension lift kits get confused. But at Mckenzie Tireland Autopro we understand the exact requirements of your vehicle and will help you choose the right product for your ride. If you are looking for a component to give your vehicle a uniform lift, a leveling kit is the right choice for you. If it’s a subtle lift at either the front or back end of your vehicle, a leveling kit is the component you’re looking for. Each leveling kit is specifically designed to work with each individual make and model and can come in a variety of different heights depending what kind of truck you have. Installing a leveling kit can raise the front end or rear end of your tuck up to a maximum of 3 inches depending on what kind of vehicle you have.

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