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Want a taller ride? A suspension lift kit will do the trick. You will find an extensive variety of lift kits at our shop. With both suspension lifts and leveling lifts, we can help you choose the appropriate option that suits your truck model with a hand from our expert. Though lift kits and leveling kits are terms commonly used interchangeably, there are lots of differences between the two. A leveling kit can be used to raise the level of a truck to a maximum of 3 inches only, whereas lift kits can be used to raise a vehicle over 10 inches.



Installing a leveling kit is very easy because it requires only a spring spacer or torsion key to complete the installation. Lift kits are more complex to install as it makes use of modified suspension parts. It is a very detailed terminology as a lift kit includes many components like control arms, shocks, springs etc. If you are planning to use your vehicle more gently, a leveling kit will do. If you’re a more adventurous driver, eager to try out your vehicle on deep muddy or snowy roads – a lift kit is the perfect option for you. Our suspension lift kits are high-class and come with nationwide guarantees which will do a world of good for you and your vehicle. You will get full value for your money because your tires will perform for a longer period of time.



Some people get confused whether to install a leveling kit or a suspension lift kit in their trucks. It all depends on the height to which you want to raise your vehicle to. If you plan to raise your trucks level to anywhere between 1 and 3 inches, you can opt for a leveling lift kit. We will be able to install taller tires at this point as the height of your wheel wells will be increased, there will be no impact on the ground clearance of your vehicle. If you plan to raise your trucks level to anywhere between 4 and 10 inches, you can opt for a suspension lift kit. An important point here is, you will get increased ground clearance for your vehicle with a suspension lift kit. You must choose the appropriate lift kits after taking in factors like the year when your truck was manufactured, your model, width of your new tires, diameter of your new tires and the size and offset of your wheels. At our shop, your lift kit will be installed in such a way that the increased height of your vehicle will not causing any damage to your vehicle’s frame.

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