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Our shop offers complete brake services for our customers in Mckenzie Town, South Trail Crossing and the surrounding areas. We offer everything from brake line repair to complete brake pad, rotor and brake caliper replacement. If your brakes seem to be wearing down or making noise, book an appointment with one of our certified technicians. Our fully trained techs will complete a full brake inspection, assessing your brakes and suggesting an appropriate estimate including cost and course of action. From our assessment our mechanics will be able to tell you whether a brake repair or a complete brake replacement is needed in order to keep your car functioning safely.



A disc brake consists of a caliper with a pad that squeezes a disc attached to the wheel. These parts must be able to move freely and require frequent inspection to make sure the effects of heat, corrosion, and wear and tear don’t cause them to seize. Our technician will check if worn brake pads or seized calipers need to be replaced and if the disc needs to be repaired or replaced. If disc brakes are not inspected or maintained, they can cause your brake pedal to pulsate, make grinding or squealing metal noises, or cause the wheels or steering wheel to vibrate. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, the proper operation and safety of your braking system may be compromised and you should have your vehicle serviced immediately.



Drum brakes are still used on some light cars and trucks. Located on the rear wheels, drum brakes are composed of a brake shoe that pushes against the inside of a steel drum to stop the vehicle. It’s a simple, effective system that requires minimal maintenance and occasional repairs. During routine maintenance, if the brakes are making noises, vibrating, or grinding, our Mckenzie Tireland Autopro technicians will inspect the system to determine the cause. It’s possible that the drums have reached the end of their service life, the cylinders have seized, or the drum is damaged, all of which will require replacements. Our technician’s will check that your vehicle’s drum brakes are working properly and make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.



The braking system is made up of a circuit of hydraulic pipes that connect each wheel’s brakes to a master cylinder. The brake pedal controls the system, while the brake booster increases the pressure in the pipes so you can stop safely and effectively. A soft or spongy brake pedal and irregular braking can be caused by leaking brake fluid or a master cylinder failure. Our certified technicians at Mckenzie Tireland Autopro will be able to find and fix the problem. Automotive manufacturers recommend replacing brake fluid, as humidity and corrosion cause it to become less effective over time. Our technician will be able to add the proper type of brake fluid to get your braking system working safely again.

If you are looking for brake repair in South East Calgary that you can count on then McKenzie Tireland is here to help.  Our educated and skilled staff of highly trained professionals are on call and ready to help meet all of your brake repair shops and brake mechanic shops needs.  Taking every measure to assure client happiness through the brake repair process, we take pride in always providing top tier brake repair services.

We know just how important brake repair can be, which is why we go to great lengths to perfect the South East Calgary brake mechanic shops experience.  At our McKenzie Tireland brake repair shops, we always strive for excellence and to give customers the peace of mind they deserve while out on the road driving. We invite you to discover more on exactly why clients find our SE Calgary brake repair assistance so valuable by exploring our website or giving us a call today.

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